Welcome to Neeralta Manufacturing Inc. o/a Skyview Sales & Service.        GROWTH Alberta 2011 Business Excellence Award Winner!

          Neeralta Manufacturing Inc. is a manufacturing and repair shop with a wide range of abilities to meet the needs of the agricultural, oil and gas, and construction industries. The company is owned and operated by brothers John and Rob Wierenga of Neerlandia, Alberta. 
          Neeralta Manufacturing began business in 1984 under the name Neeralta Welding & Sales Ltd.
It was started by the present owners father, Bert Wierenga, as a welding and machine shop, to serve the needs of the local farming community. Work was soon being done for sawmills in the area as well. As the scope of work broadened our team expanded and today Neeralta employs approximately 15 people and serves the Canadian and U.S. markets.
          Adaptability has been key to staying current in todays economy. While repairs and service remain an important part of our local business, manufacturing and design have become an exciting part of our identity. In the past 10 years, manufacturing has been a growing part of Neeraltas business, moving us forward to include in-house drafting and Computer Aided Design. It is our aim not only to improve our products, but also to better serve our valued clients with quality merchandise.           
Our goal is to treat our customers in the same way that we would like to be treated. This has proven to be an excellent benchmark for serving our clients. We feel blessed to be a part of a vibrant agricultural community which has entrusted us with much work.