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"There are 3 to 4 types of elk squeezes out there that work well for some things,
but from my point of view, which is usually the back end of a cow or the underside
of a bull, there is no squeeze that tops the KIWI ULTIMATE* for reproductive work.
For doing AI work or ultrasound on cows and semen collection on bulls, the
KIWI ULTIMATE* securely but gently holds the animal from going forward,
backwards, up or down which increases the speed and efficiency of the procedure,
as well as the safety of the animal and the technician.
Martin Wenkoff - Livestock Reproductive Technologies Inc.

Neeralta Manufacturing Inc. began building elk squeezes in 1997 for Kiwi Elk Systems. Three different model elk chutes 
have been built, along with cow boxes, panels and swing gates. In 2002 the name was changed from Kiwi Elk Systems to Velvet King Systems. Many chutes (sometimes called an elk crush) and handling facilities have been completed and shipped throughout Canada, the United States, Mexico, and into New Zealand.  We are happy to be able to continue to provide an excellent choice in elk handling equipment for the producer, hunt ranches as well as the provincial and federal parks.

Velvet King Squeezes

Features:                                                                                   Custom Options:

* Compact Design                                                                                              * Scale Incorporated into Base of Squeeze
* Squeezing Mechanism under floor                                                                  * Overall Height can be changed to suit Ceiling Height
* Operator Side is Stationary                                                                             * Your choice of color
* Back Panel Travels & Squeezes                                                                     * Left or Right Entry
* Hydraulic Neck Hugger                                                                                   * Choice of Slide or Swing Door for Entry and Exit
* Body Pads are 4" Foam                                                                                  * 5 HP Electric Motor with 12 GPM 2 stage pump
* Semen Collection Door with Kick Pads                                                           * Delivery and Set-up available
* AI Door                                                                                                           
* Removable Split Operator Stand
* Halter Tie Bar
* Ability to hold any size elk
* 72" Entry Width
* 108" inside height
* 36" lift on panels

- Height 130"
- Overall Width: 96"
- Inside Width: 72"
- Length: 105"
- Weight: 4,350 lbs.